My Internet Midlife Crisis.

Sean Reiser

My Internet Midlife Crisis.

As I was leading up to turning 40 (which happened the other day) I decided that I wanted to go ahead and make some modifications to my web presence to make things simpler.

First off, nibbler is dead as a handle. I've lived for 25 years with it, it had a purpose long ago, but I haven't been nibbler for a long while and where I've known that people around me have pressured me to keep it. I figure if I can't be just "seanreiser" at 40, I'll never be able to be just me. If you look over on the right you'll see that I'm seanreiser on twitter, friendfeed, facebook and flickr. It may take some time to get to the rest of the web, but the major services have been updated.

Secondly, I decided to merge my 3 major websites (, and There are good reasons why these sites were separate, at least at the time they were launched. was always meant to be my one online presence, things just slipped over time.

When I started writing non-geek items like politics, I decided to start earlyreiser, mostly because I was concerned about annoying readers by having such different content. I was trying to separate my political views from my "geek persona". I've come to believe that might have been a silly point of view. I'm not posting anything so outrageous in either place that I'm ashamed of any of it. I never made it hard to find, never anonymized it (because there was no need to) and it was time to get rid of the artificial division and have it all live under 1 roof.

Great Existence was a different matter entirely. I was honestly concerned that I wouldn't have the discipline to post a photo daily photo when I started so I had it live elsewhere. In the future I think these nonstarter projects will just live here as well, as a tale on what works and doesn't work.

While I was merging content, I decided to merge content from a livejournal I had years ago and import all my flickr photosets as a content type. I've already posted an article on how to import flickrsets as first class nodes. I'll try to write up what I did to get the live journal content into here soon. I also took to opportunity to add podcast and screencast support. There were some technical issues on the old site, which I fixed in the port. I'll describe some of the technical changes in a future post.

So, now is a central site for all my content again. You'll be able to get to content from the old and URLS (you'll get 301 redirects, if that means anything to you). I'll be writing a post in the next day or so describing the technical changes I've made here and the lessons I've learned in the process.

Sean Reiser

Hi I'm Sean Reiser

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I'm a 51 year old Flushing, Queens based technologist who specializes in developing, supporting and maintaining websites built in Drupal.  I am an avid photographer and all around geek.  Feel free to look at my blog, or head to my home page to learn more about me.