Why I switched to Blackberry.

Sean Reiser

Why I switched to Blackberry.

OK, been using my blackberry for about a week now. Some folks have been asking me questions so I'll answer some of them.

Why are you switching away from the Palm?

To start with understand this is not an easy change for me. I've been a PalmOS user for over a decade. I have an original Pilot 1000 (monochrome, no backlight and a whoppin' 128K of RAM) which I used back in 1996. Since then I've moved with palm through the III, to a 5x,a Visor, a Clie and to 2 Treos (a 600 and a 700p). With the exception of a 6 month period where I used a WindowsCE machine, because a client required it, I have used PalmOS exclusively since 1996 and I really like the simplicity of the device. I have written applications for Palms, and have enjoyed using them.

However, the lack of any real change in PalmOS, and the Treos over the last few years, have driven me to looking elsewhere. I've been bored with the platform. I'm used to buying a new toy every year, the last couple of toys have not been anything exciting. I'm also concerned for the long term health of Palm. The lack of innovation really have me concerned with the future of the platform.

I know Palm has a Linux version of PalmOS in the works and when it's finished out and stable, I'll reevaluate my decision. I just don't want to wait another year or 2 until Palm has released something interesting.

Why not an iPhone?

I've been rather public on my thoughts on the iPhone. But here they are, in writing.

First off, I won't use a version 1.0 product for any mission critical product (my phone is rather important to me and my business). I'm an Apple fanboi but not insane.

Secondly, until the iPhone can replace my iPod, I'm not really interested in it. The Music, Podcasts, and Videos I carry daily can't fit in 8 Gig. If Apple had released one with at least 40Gigs of storage. I would've been more tempted.

On the third hand, I really need to be able to change the battery on my phone. When I travel, I like to carry a spare battery so I can swap them in an emergency. Especially, if the iPhone is also my media player, I can't drain my batteries listening to a podcast and be unable to make a phone.

Fourthly, GSM. I travel domestically often for business and this country still has better CDMA coverage then GSM. Someday that will change, and I'll gladly switch with them.

Lastly, AT&T rivals Verizon as my least favorite cellular provider. My feelings for these companies go back years to when I had to use them for landlines. I don't like giving money to them and avoid it at all costs.

How about a Windows Smartphone?

Most of the Windows Smartphones I've worked with seem to be trying to be a PC in your pocket instead of a "window to your PC". I really buy into the "Zen of Palm" attitude, these devices should do less and do it efficiently, smartphones seem to do a lot more but do it inefficiently.

So, why the Blackberry?

My primary use for a cell phone is as a data device. I receive email, surf the web, and use SMS. I need access to my appointments and contacts. Making phone calls is not as important. I've always been curious how email works on these devices so I thought this was a good excuse to spread my wings and take a look at this.

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