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“A person is what they think about all day long”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know I’m going to sound paranoid… 

Sometime over the last few weeks, I did some reading on Japan’s Fu-Go balloon bombs from WW2 and it occurred to me that such a balloon with a nuke payload could be used to set off an EMP which made me think of that miniseries from the 80’s, Amerika. And this morning I’m watching the news of this Chinese spy balloon….

I’ll be over here stocking my bomb shelter and brushing up on my Mandarin.

This might not age well…

Since #CharGPT can generate code several people have speculated that AI will eventually replace programmers. I’ve made a good career building business apps in tools like Cobol, xBase (dBase, FoxPro, Clipper), Filemaker, Access, and web CMSes like Drupal, all tools that were built to eliminate the need for programmers, yet ironically created more developer jobs then they eliminated. So I’m betting on the potential of #ai #developer #people #jobs .

I think I finally hit the breaking point with the #AppleTV library for my personal library of ripped  DVDs and Blu-rays.    I’ve stored my ripped TV and movies in an iTunes / AppleTV library for over 20 years and stream my media to an AppleTV device hooked to the tv.

I rip them to preserve space.  Living in a modest NYC co-op, you have to make choices.  My DVDs can live in a storage locker while all my media is in my apartment on a small hard drive.

I have an old computer on the shelf collecting dust which can be repurposed as a #Plex server.  Amu thoughts?


Also if you don't believe that the large marketing firms / tech companies / three letter agencies were already indexing public mastodon servers you haven't been paying attention.  And they aren't respecting the no index flag.

The benefit of Searchtodon is that average folks are aware it's happening.


Good Day! Happy Monday everybody!  I’m hoping we’re all embracing out creativity for the new week.  Today I present…

Triboro Bridge at Sunset


Hello World!  Happy Sunday!

I was ill the last couple of days.  I wasn’t on the last half of Friday and yesterday.  Since I’m playing catchup today,  I present….



Hello World!

Welcome to Friday!

We made it through the first week of the year!

A while ago I did a photo study of the Unispherte in Flushing Meadows Park.  This is the last photo from this series I’m posting for a while.

I present….

Unisphere At Night

If I were a less honest person, I'd have my way to get rich:

1) Post a Job Ad on LinkedIn
2) Reach out to applicants on LI's messaging.
3) Ask the applicant fir their DOB, Location, and last 4 of their SSN
4) Reverse engineer the full SSN from that data
5) Sell that identity on the dark web
6) Profit

If I'm really lazy I'll automate it with a shell script.

(was just asked for that info in a char on LinkedIn before I was told the client name)


Greetings, Programs. Today I continue to strive for #peace and a feeling of #gratitude.

Today I present…..



US Politics

A digital painting I did expressing my frustration with the 2 party system.


Good morning world. Still struggling to find reasons to have gratitude in this crazy world. Today I present…..

Through The Unisphere

A while ago I did a photo study of the Unispherte in Flushing Meadows Park. Over the next few days, I’ll post some of my favorite shots from that photo study.

Anne and I have been watching “Maine Cabin Masters”, a cabin renovation show on Discovery+.

The other night in one scene they were liting the side of a cabin so they install some jacks to level the floor.  The next scene featured a worker named Jedi.  

Me:  You know, they should’ve used Jedi to lift the building.

Anne: Why?

Me He could use The Force

Anne: …

#starWars #MaineCabinMasters


A friend asked about ulterior motives in going back David Tennant for a special in Doctor Who.  Here's my answer:

It's the "special episode" of ER where Cloony returned.

It's the wrestling show that books Logan Paul in a big match.

It's brining Spock back in Search for Spock

It's the local restaurant that hangs a "Under New Management" banner when they replace the General Manager.

It's bringing Sarah Jane back in School Reunion.

It's an attempt to get a look-in audience of lapsed fans. It's an attempt to generate buzz. It's a ratings grab. It's business.