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The thing I’m most sick of in US Politics is watching people change sides when their “team” is in power:,  You either believe that appointing a Supreme Court appointment is appropriate in an election year or you don’t.

So this popped up in my feed. I'm not looking for anyone (Anne and I are happy) but I have a question:

How the Heck did I become a senior citizen? I was middle aged yesterday.

Put on Hawaii 5-0 for the first time and I think I've figured out the plot... Hiro is attempting to use his time travel powers to get Jin and Locke back to the Island... My only question... What is the Cylon's role in this? Is Boomer there to help or hurt them? And what's the deal with the terrorists and drug dealers, how do they fit in?

Anne and I broke in the new Food Saver this evening with items from her garden.

I don't want to say we don't print that often here, but I had to change a cartridge today. It was installed in 2015.

"When I went to an amusement park, bruises were likely, broken bones were possible, and death was a possibility. AND I WAS GRATEFUL". - Gen X talking to Gen Z about amusement parks.

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