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On New Server

My thoughts on the Game Stop situation:

When a hedge fund shorts 120% of a stock's float, gets caught with their pants down and is taken to the cleaners by people who use publicly available data learn about the situation they get what they deserve.

Pure capitalism will punish the greedy and that's what's happening here. Brokerage houses should not be halting trading on GME. The hedge funds shouldn't be bailed out. The biggest problem we've had is that when capitalism is going to drop the hammer on the greedy, we bail them out.

The people who are driving the price up aren't the problem, the funds who over shorted GME are.

I’m in the middle of a Drupal 8 -> Drupal 9 migration.  After the data migration  I decided to nose around the database and found a number of tables that I believe are vestigial and should’ve been dropped a while ago:

  • Migration Tables - (migrate_map_upgrade_d7_*). tables that were used when I migrated this Drupal 7 into D8 5 years ago.
  • Empty Field Tables (node__field_*)  and Node Field Revision Tables  (node_revision__field_*)  that were from fields that were deleted years ago, generally from deleted content types.  This also shows up for paragraph, taxonomy and media bundles.

The fact that this stuff lingers around surprised me.  In my database management days, cruft always bothered me.  Is there any danger in clearing this out by hand (dropping tables)?  Do any developers monitor these things?


I know I'm in the minority, but I like the notion of the Touch Bad on a MacBook.  It just should be in addition to the Function Keys instead of in place of them.

[Site Update] Quick Update on My Progress to Update This Site

You know how they say that in best relationships you're always learning something new about your partner?  I know I mentioned that Anne and I have been watching the rebooted BSG.  We got to the end of Season 3 tonight. And I learned that Anne does not know the lyrics to All Along The Watchtower.


I am as upset now watching these rioters storm the capitol as I was at the rioters who took advantage of the BLM protests.

 I spent my "free time" the last few days standing up a new sever on linode.  It's been a year or so since I've run a built my own server.  I have some potential projects popping up where I felt it was a good idea to flex that muscle again.

My current site is based on the Varbase distribution and I like the time it saves me from a development standpoint, but there are costs from a performance standpoint you take a hit.  I want to really take a day or 2 to look at Varbase vs Lightning vs Vanilla Drupal 9.  The reason I wanted on its own sever is to better evaluate perforce issues.


Time for the annual updating of copyright notices. Before anyone asks, doing it in code may make it unenforceable.

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