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I miss the days of accidental discovery on the web. Clicking the random button on a webring or hitting the stumble button on stumbleupon and being transported to a stranger's blog or a random page about some topic I know little about. Sometimes fun, sometimes silly, sometimes informative but always an adventure.

Now everything is so targeted. It's either things I'm looking for, or an algorithm determines that I'll be interested in. Don't get me wrong, it might be more efficient but it's no longer fun.


So I have decided to be a cockroach for Halloween... if I do it right, I'll just wake up that way

Quick observation, ending talks is one of his tactics to get the other side to cave in to his demands.

I want to bring back telephone exchange names. FAbulous1-4338 sounds so much better than 321-4338.

So, LinkedIn has added stories. Soon every social network will be snapchat.

Serious analysis: I think that people who tuned in trying to figure out who to vote for came out not wanting to vote.

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