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Do you want to take part in Smash and Grab robberies but don’t have the right connections? Are your friends to rich and bougie to get their hands dirty? Are you surrounded by people who’d rather work for what they want instead of taking what’s in front of them. Me Too! So I’ve created LOOTR.

LOOTR allows you to find members for your crew. Search based on strength, and equipment! Nsed someone who can lift 150LBs and has their own a crowbar? Here’s Joe, just swipe right!

Coming soon! FENCR! Looking to sell the all that loot? FENCR can help, no questions asked!


Just a quick note to say I’m thankful for every single one of you. Happy Thanksgiving!



This has popped up on a couple of friends feeds over the past day or so.  I thought I’d repurpose my response as a blog post.

- The biggest mistake mistake we've made is deemphasizing voctech in favor of a stronger STEM program. We all need plumbers. car mechanics, electricians, etc.   There will always be people who either by talent, means or interest. These are good paying careers.

- We desperately need an impartial counselor in the Student Loan process, Someone to say "Your loan is $x / mo, entry level salaries in your field pay $Y/mo, Housing, food and necessitates cost $z/ mo. Is this a good plan? Can we find another plan?". The problem is that it's in no one's best interest to ask that question, except the student. The high school wants a higher percentage of their students to go to college. The bank wants you to take the loan because it's federally guaranteed. Parents want their kids dreams to come true.


In the far future, archeologists will dig up these memes and try to figure out why people of our generation couldn't multiply.

The Ghose Busters

I keep hearing that the original Ghost Busters are in the new film. I'm looking forward to see these guys again.

Dating A[[

With e-books becoming more and more popular, book stores are branching out to find new sources of income.


I’m trying to better separate my personal and professional life. I have 2 numbers: my 347 number and my 917 number. Since all my clients have my 347 number I will be using that professionally and will be sending off hours calls to VM and screening them.

If you don’t have my 917# and want to keep in touch DM me.



I wanted to be a cockroach for Halloween, luckily I just woke up this way.

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Random Observation ... How come Halloween is the only holiday where people send greetings without saying "for those who celebrate it"?  Between Born-Again Christians, Hasidic Jews and Muslims, I know many people who find the day to be Devil Worship.