Sean Reiser

Hi, I'm Seán Reiser, This is What I'm Doing Now.

This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now Page Movement. Below you can find what's currently going on with me and what I'm working on.  You should think about putting one on your site.  Enjoy!

  • I am living in Flushing, Queens, with my much better half, Anne and our cat, Frosty in our co-op.  Covid still has us home more than normal. 
  • I was an early Covid Case.  As part of my recovery, I'm trying to get a 30-60 min walk in daily.  Yes, I'm wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and trying to go out when folks are less likely to be around.  I've also been vaccinated and boosted. I'm trying to balance keeping myself safe from reinfection, keeping my immune system strong and rebuilding my respiratory system.  Vitamin D and some sort of exercise is good for both the immune system and mental health
  • Trying to find ways to get in touch with my gratitude through prayer and meditation.  So much has been upside down for everyone.  I often resist "new normalcy" since it implies that we can never return to "old normalcy".
  • I'm exploring Mastodon.
    • I have built my own personal server on which I'm @seanreiser.
    • I am working on playing with the MastodonAPI.  Building some auto-posting functionality si content I post here can syndicate there.
  • Professionally, I'm still doing Freelance Drupal consulting and website development, but things have been chaotic: 
    • I have lost some clients due to the pandemic, I'm always  looking for new clients.  If you think you have something for me to do, drop me a line.
    • I'm wrapping up some work for an Indian firm, working their issue queue  Honestly, this gig isn't fulfilling nor well-paying, the hours are inconvenient (I'm working Indian hours) but it slows the rate that I have to dip into savings until things start to get back to normal.
  • I'm watching on TV:
  • I'm reading:
  • I'm listening to the following podcasts:

Last Updated: December 29, 2022