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I'm Seán

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  • I'm a 54-year-old geek living in Flushing, Queens with my much-better half, Anne and our cat, Frosty.
  • I’m a freelance web developer who specializes in working with Drupal.
  • I maintain a blog containing essays, links and my thoughts on whatever's on my mind.
  • I enjoy the artistry of photography and shoot in my copious free time.
  • I often cook with my trusty cast iron or on the grill and post recipes as time allows.
  • If you just want to chat, drop a line or give me a call.

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Drupal is the Enterprise Grade Content Management System (CMS) that I use to build websites.  Over the past 17 years, I have built, supported, and maintained over 150 Drupal Websites for Non-Profits, Small Companies, Digital Agencies, Media Companies and Startups. 

As a Freelance Drupalist, I assume a number of roles in my work including: Project Manager, Web Producer, Strategist, Architect, Developer, Themer, Data Architect, Site Builder, and Support Engineer. I am proficient in leading internal or external development teams, liaising with contractors and managing client relationships. I am open to contracting and full time positions.


Unisphere Sunset
Throggs Neck Sunset
Baseball Dreams

I've had a passion for photography for a number of years.  I caught the photography bug initially as a technical challenge and as a way to express my artistic side.  I progressed to photographing events and headshots for my web development clients  and now am offering those services to the public at large.

Here's a confession.  Do you know what they say about cobblers and shoes?  I don't currently have a full fledged gallery on this site.  I maintain a gallery on Viewbug.  Feel free to take a look there and I promise to launch a photo gallery on this site, real soon.


My blog is a combination of  short posts, images, links that interest me, with commentary, and essays I've written.  Topics are basically what's on my mind and can vary from Drupal and infosec to politics to random geekiness.  Here are a few popular essays.


I might not have a Michelin Star, but I do have a Michelin tire around my gut.  I really enjoy cooking, especially when I get to do it for someone else.

I have developed an unhealthy relationship with Cast Iron and have restored several pieces.

When I get a recipe to a point that I I'm happy with it, I'll post it on my blog. Generally, a few recipes a year. Here are a number of other posts about recipes I’ve made.   Share and Enjoy!


Frosty 1
Frosty 2

Frosty is our cat, who we adopted from the Little Shelter in Huntington, NY.  We are unsure of his age, be he's on the elderly side.  When we adopted him we knew he has a compromised immune system.  Although he can be costly, he is a bundle of love.

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