Sean P. Reiser

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Sean Reiser

Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, a 50 year old technologist, Drupal developer, photographer and all around geek.  

Professionally I'm a freelance Drupal Developer, I build, support and maintain websites for small business and non-profits.  I am also open to contract and full‑time opportunities.

For a long time I have had a passion for photography.  I caught the photography bug initially as a technical challenge and as a way to express my artistic side.  I progressed to photographing events and headshots for my web development clients and now am offering those services to the public at large.

I maintain a blog, which contains my thoughts, links to things I find interesting.  Topics include Drupal, technology, security and whatever is on my mind.

Below you can find links to my personal and professional websites, my contact information and the many social media sites I maintain a presence on.  Please feel free to connect with me in any way you’d like.

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