About Me

Technologist. Bit Mason. Geek.

Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, a 45 year old New York City based technologist. I have spent the past 25 years working as a programmer, system architect and development manager for a number companies. In the past I mainly with financial firms and media companies, these days I spend more time as an independent contractor. For lack of a better description, I consider myself a bit mason. You see, I come from a family of brick masons who used trowels to shape bricks and mortar into buildings. To continue the family tradition, I sit at my shiny computer and use Drupal, PHP, HTML, and CSS to shape bits into websites. I feel blessed to have found a career that I enjoy and find challenging while I provide value to others.

Whether in front of a computer or not, I'm what the average person would consider a geek (I know the bowtie was your first clue). I tend to spend what little free time I have spending time with friends, reading, practicing my photography and the like. My goal is an hour of non-work related reading a day and to get though a book a week, on any number of topics from fiction, to politics, to security. I am a science fiction fan and enjoy everything from Star Wars to Asimov. I particularly geek out over Doctor Who.

Below you can find where to find me on the web so you connect with me either professionally or personally. Please feel free to take a look around and drop me a line or friend me on one of the social networks I frequent.


This is my personal site, which contains my thoughts, photos, recipes and other content I create. Generally speaking I try and update the content at least once a month.

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Resume / Portfolio

My portfolio containing some of the websites I've created over the last few years. I work on a LAMP stack, mostly using Drupal. If I can help you, please let me know.

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